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1 I want to live
2 Forever and ever
3 O my friend you've been untrue to me
4 Let it be me
5 Say you love me
6 My friend the wind
7 Velvet mornings
8 Thousand years of wondering
9 Someday somewhere
10 My only fascination
11 Goodbye my love goodbye
12 With you
13 Lovely lady of Arcadia
14 Song of goodbye
15 Feel like I'll never feel this way again
16 Let it be me
17 Hollywood lady
18 Pieces of my life
19 Margarita
20 Forever and ever
21 Sometimes when we touch
22 Love it away
23 If you remember me
24 Desperado
25 For love
26 We're over
27 Sing an ode to love
28 Rain and tears