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Lyrics, Life in the city

Living in the country
Far away from home
How I miss those city lights
Yes I’m lost when I’m alone
Grew up on the sidewalk
Always had a friend
Everyday was something new
And the nights would never end


I can hear you oh callin’
Life in the city is callin’
I went away without knowin’
Changes you put me through
Callin’ life in the city is callin’
Callin’ me back and I’m feelin’
Like I belong to you
Living in the country
Gave me time to see
Trafic jams and neon lights
Baby mean a lot to me
Bought myself some freedom
But it just don’t feel the same
As the crowded streets and subway seats
And the place I got my name


Musique : Lionel Martin
Paroles : Alan David