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Demis Musical Comeback

Demis en 2009

The year 2009 will mark a return to much-awaited musical artist Demis Roussos and its fans.
After forty years of career, he returns with an album, due out next May 11 for France.
Discover an album in English produced by Marc Di Domenico and recorded with English Musicians members of Little Barrie, Dirty Feel or Cult.
In this very important for him album, pop / rock sounds recalling his first love of music - with Aphrodite's Child - Demis was surrounded by Picci, an unknow but talentuous composer: "I have not made an album for so long ... / ... Because of my wholeness artistically speaking, I choose not to make an album untill someone brings a concept musically close to my true feelings", he confides.
After 40 years career of WorldWide Career and more than 60,000,000 albums sold around the world, we discover a man and an happy artist, finally in complete agreement with his music.

Demis en séance d'enregistrement

Exclusive! Demis in studio recording the new album.

Demis en concert